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More regulations are on the way with various us states and government regulators worldwide imposing their regulations alongside the many established regulations already in effect. There has been a paradigm shift in many economies in the way that corporate governance, compliance, and business ethics are approached. It is a shift that continues to be driven by demanding performance expectations, increasing Stakeholders’ demands and growing public scrutiny.

We consider this change a highly positive development. Private or Public, the new environment places a premium on solid businesses that are well-managed, boosting a competitive advantage on businesses that create and maintain a culture of integrity-driven performance. Meanwhile, it also presents serious challenges not only for businesses, but also for governments, regulators, investors and other stakeholders too.

New levels of accountability, which come not just from new laws and regulations, but also from the expectations of a broader stakeholder group, have elevated the concerns at board level for ensuring that effective, robust and reliable governance and compliance tools are in place and being use. Having said that, it needs to be intertwined with the right attitudes and behaviors to ensure people will still act in a manner which protects the organization’s greatest asset, reputation. That is why we are here for you.

How we can help!
Here are some examples of governance and compliance challenges we can assist you with:

  • Need to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley 404 requirements
  • Need to adopt IFRS
  • Need for holistic advice on board and management performance and accountability
  • Need to embed governance into your organization
  • Need to reduce the incidents of failure
  • Need to identify and address complaints and breaches of legislation and internal controls
  • Need to achieve greater value for compliance spend
  • Need to improve relationships and communication with stakeholders and regulators

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