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Globalization and e-connect have ensured that risk is no longer confined to one company, country or continent. The sub-prime mortgage crisis is just one instance of how risk can spread. The regulatory burden is also growing as new laws are introduced and older laws, like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, are more rigorously enforced throughout the globe. But some of the risk management systems that have been put in place have actually made companies more vulnerable; they were designed to address what went wrong yesterday, not what might go wrong now or tomorrow! Some companies have also adopted a piecemeal approach to risk management.

That is where we come in, we approach every assignment holistically. We listen to your specific concerns and advise you on how best to address these concerns, given your risk appetite. We can help you:

  • Define the kinds of risk and amount of risk you’re willing to tolerate
  • Link management risk appetite to the business strategy and operations, so that you can choose the risks which offer the greatest commercial potential without adversely affecting the level of compliance you have set for your organization
  • Make the changes required to ensure that every business unit/function in your organization consistently makes decisions about risk that conform to your risk appetite
  • Improve the consistency and efficiency of your systems and processes for risk control.

Managing Business Performance
All managers need information to guide their financial and operational decisions and help them get everyone pulling in the same direction. But with globalization and e-connect, many businesses have become more geographically dispersed, more complex and thus more difficult to manage. The regulatory burden is also growing, and e-connect is forcing all companies to become more transparent.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) provides the avenue for translating a company’s strategy into measurable targets that can be monitored and evaluated. CPM gives senior executives a real-time picture of how the organization is actually performing relative to its targets, so they can make needed changes as quickly as possible and ensure the changes “connect” by linking them to the way employees are evaluated and remunerated.
Let us help.

Our approach enables businesses to integrate their financial and non-financial systems and processes in achieving sustainable improvements in performance. We can:

  • Create effective corporate performance management tools
  • Design and build robust business intelligence systems
  • Identify the most appropriate measures for financial, operational and regulatory performance
  • Increase the efficiency and frequency of your reporting processes
  • Improve the reliability of prospective information, including budgets and rolling forecasts
  • Develop corporate scorecards to evaluate your performance and drive improvements
  • Link your organizational targets with your employee evaluation and remuneration policies to ensure lasting change.

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