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Maximizing the value that can be captured from every deal is crucial for business owners.

The number of transactions and e-connections in our Global-village are also growing, reshaping the market and its traffic as companies in emerging countries move into more developed economies. In this e-connected world, understanding national and regional differences includes understanding differences in corporate environments, and relies on finding the right target, which may mean having to compare companies potentials from miles away or oceans apart.

How can we help?
We offer a full range of consulting, tax, legal, financial and business assessment services. We’re also able to leverage our partners with extensive industry experience and knowledge of local markets anywhere and everywhere your company operates or wants to do business. We can help you:

  • Find the best targets, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify synergies and potential opportunities for improvement
  • Negotiate the best terms
  • Access the capital markets and other sources of finance
  • Manage the post-deal integration process (particularly the first 90 days, when it is essential to stabilize the new acquisition and stop any “value leakages”)
  • Carve out non-core assets and sell them for as much as possible
  • Make major changes to realize long-term performance improvements

With the birth of devices to harness broadband, consumers and businesses are pushing hard and fast to accelerate and incorporate technologies. There is a dramatic rise in saturated markets total spending across the converging sectors: communications, entertainment, and technology, creating a burst of innovation. Therefore, we predict a more dramatic opportunities in the emerging markets.

Businesses can harness the opportunities around a convergence and translate them into value creation. The winners will be those businesses who nimbly manage change to fuse state-of-the-art technologies with a clear prophecy of the future.

How can we help?

A new and open business methodology is the way to manage a convergence, realize its potential and enable sustainable stakeholders’ value. Using an open business methodology, Ladlas Prince can help you:

  • Capture new revenue without leaking profit
  • Integrate acquisitions rapidly without sacrificing values
  • Understand consumers without getting lost in data
  • Open up infrastructure and maintain security
  • Create open partnerships while protecting intellectual property
  • Drive new innovations while managing risk

Overall, whether it's developing and understanding new advertising models, managing the value of new alliances, rights management, revenue improvements, transaction supports, advertising services, customer data analyzes, or other issues you are currently facing, Ladlas Prince can help. With our network of professionals in multiple countries, we are able to provide in-depth local experience supported by our global network.

Management Services - Sub-Saharan Africa

Doing the right deal right can make your business more competitive and profitable and help it grow more quickly.

Ladlas Prince’s professionals provide integrated, objective advisory services. We work with you to evaluate opportunities, make your business/operations more efficient and achieve your strategic goals. Whatever the size, nature or location of your business and your deals, we can play a critical role throughout the deals lifecycle.

We can help you determine the true value of an asset, set up the right business and tax structure and execute the deal. We combine proven practices and consistent methodologies with genuine-unique thinking, giving you the advice you need to make better decisions, mitigate risk and achieve a successful output.

With synergies in the region and our experience across multiple markets and industries, we’re positioned to bring together the people you need, wherever you need them at a reasonable price. It’s the difference brought about by “Second to None, Above Standard.” We can help in many ways, some listed below:

  • Holistic approach
  • Managing transactions
  • Capital origination
  • Redefining business and growth strategy

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