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Managing Personnel and Change
The work environment is changing. Over the next decade, the convergence of dominant business, demographic, and social trends will accelerate the changes sweeping through today’s workplace. Outsourcing, international mobility, talent shortages, new labor laws, globalization, shifting demographics, aging workforce, where, how, and for whom people work are changing and transforming company structures and cultures.

Human Resources (HR) functions are changing too, and HR leaders are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate results from their workforce practices and policies. Good business leaders recognize the connection between business performance and the people within their organization. They understand that people-related issues need to be at the heart of the boardroom agenda. Therefore HR managers are being encouraged to implement personnel strategies that support the organization’s business objectives and increase accountability and transparency around personnel management and reporting. The bottom-line is that HR is increasingly seen as a strategic linchpin that needs to work closely with operations, finance, and other corporate departments to help drive business strategy and success.

Our HR consulting focus on three core issues: international mobility, reward, and personnel management. We work with organizations of every size and in many different industries to meet a wide range of personnel challenges, including:

  • Attracting, motivating, and retaining of employees
  • Benchmarking and measurement
  • Employee benefits and compensation programs including pensions
  • Executive compensation and HR governance
  • Global work force mobility and expatriate planning
  • Transaction-related human resource issues
  • HR function effectiveness and service delivery

Managing & Retaining Talent
The new e-connect world is changing the way we work with global sourcing, collaborative innovation, flexible networks of employees and contractors, the workplace is becoming much more fluid, and today’s workers have higher expectations than their predecessors, therefore, attracting and retaining good people is more difficult than ever. E-connect, is also accelerating the speed at which change takes place; for example, there is a parallel change between employees turnover and decreasing turnaround times for many goods and services, as a result of soaring number of deals from the rapid push into emerging markets.

These trends are influencing the way in which companies organize themselves and transform the role of the Human Resources function. Recognizing that people have a major bearing on how business performs, senior executives are encouraging HR managers to adopt a more strategic perspective. They are turning to the HR function for personnel policies that will support their business objectives and reporting systems that will clarify the connection between employees and the business profit. We can help:

  • Assess and improve your attractiveness as an employer
    Attract, motivate and retain the right employees
  • Develop effective employee compensation and benefits schemes
  • Quantify the contribution your employees make
    Manage major change programs and ensure that the changes work
  • Benchmark your HR function against those of your competitors
  • Develop the internal resources to manage HR issues proactively

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