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Thinking about going or exporting to Sub-Saharan African market? We can help you:

  • Review personal and business objectives (such as owner liquidity vs. capital for growth)
  • Consider appropriate initiatives and transaction strategies, such as alliances or acquisitions, to position the company for this move
  • Understand the changes between current financial reporting practices and regulatory reporting requirements (where appropriate), and anticipate regulators’ questions to smooth the way
  • Undertake benchmarking analysis of the company and its competitors to determine your going international readiness
  • Evaluate the company’s organizational, tax, financial and succession planning structures
  • Ensure accuracy of financial information and completeness of documentation (stock records, related party transactions, contractual obligations etc)
  • Test ability to draft, review and report periodic financial results, including review by attorneys, accountants, board members and other external advisors as appropriate

Our Economic Development Network (EDN) program for Sub-Saharan African market transformation process has three vital components

  • Organizational change
  • For the most part, systems, controls and policies adequate for you as a local company may not be best suited to help grow the company and monitor its performance as a global firm. Your legal, financial and risk management infrastructure may need to change too. How a company communicates any necessary changes internally may also affect its workforce.

  • Transparency
  • Businesses shouldn’t underestimate the financial and time commitments associated with going global and meeting regulatory requirements. Your stakeholders will change and need the business to be financially transparent.

  • Delivering on the promise
  • Life in the global markets is different; global company stakeholders expect management trust, company information and returns on their investment.

    This is a change, and is a good thing.

    For a fast-growing local business or a startup with seasoned management, our EDN is an excellent opportunity to accelerate growth and a giant step towards achieving market leadership, leveraging international market advantage. A successful international expansion to Sub-Saharan Africa markets, can provide benefits such as:

    • Access to financing for a strategic acquisition
    • Opportunities to expand your business into new markets
    • An exit opportunity for owner(s) or private equity
    • Improved awareness of your business and brand

    Going global marks a turning point in the life of an organization. Exceptional enterprise doesn’t view this globalization as simply a financial transaction, but rather, recognize it as a complex transformation and start their global journey well-informed and well-prepared.

    • Is this EDN right for you?

    Yes, if your business is growing quickly or a startup with seasoned management, you need access to capital, you want to conquer new markets, and hope to build your brand, leveraging Sub-Saharan Africa market.

    • Is this EDN the right step?

    While we thrive on helping companies create successful presence in Sub-Saharan Africa markets, we also realize that this EDN is not right for every organization. That’s why we will help you to evaluate the pros and cons of going international, de-mystify the process, examine your alternatives and prepare your organization for life in the global market.

    • Is your business ready?

    Organizations that successfully transition to life as a global company often start to operate like one before actually establishing operation abroad. Rather than trusting in their destiny, they ensure all systems are a ‘Go’, from operational effectiveness and key personnel, to communications policy and execution strategy.

    A company’s internal setup must be capable of managing day-to-day operations within the context of the global domain. Exceptional organizations evaluate and engage an outside advisory team 6 to 24 months in advance of operation abroad. Advisors may include EDN originators like Ladlas Prince, investment bankers, legal counsel, independent auditor and other investor relations advisor or consultant.

    • Preparing for your international expansion

    For most local businesses, an international expansion will be a completely new experience. As any leader of a recently expanded business will tell you, the success of an international expansion lies in the planning and preparation, especially Africa. Refer to our contact us page or send us an email below, and let us help you get there.

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