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Asset Based Lending Seminar (ABL Seminar)
Commercial Loan Portfolio Management is the vision and discipline required in achieving a consistently profitable commercial loan portfolio. The Asset based audit is the corner stone function of all the necessary steps of managing a commercial loan. ABL audits are helpful in identifying a commercial loan portfolio that provides predictable results.

The ABL seminar is for those who have the clout to go back to their commercial loan customers and implement real change. We guarantee that by the time this seminar is over, you'll have plenty of thought-provoking ideas to work with and a plan that will make a significant difference in the way you operate in your financial organization.

The following are included in the seminar for you:

  • A plan that examines, diversifies, and limits risk concentrations
  • The best solutions for the really tough challenges that keep you up at night
  • Tested methods for doing your job in a better, more cost-effective way
  • Survival tactics for meeting and beating the competition
  • Ways to improve the performance of your portfolio
  • New ways to do business by exchanging information with your peers
  • Knowledge of management information as a behavioral tool

Regardless of the size of your financial institution, if you are committed to commercial lending for the long term, this seminar will help you; your colleagues, and your staff build and maintain a more profitable commercial loan portfolio.

Asset Based Lending Auditor training
We are dedicated to the development and distribution of state-of-the-art, well organized, well taught, current and relevant commercial finance seminars for the asset-based lending industry. We offer training courses that are not available elsewhere, including customized courses to suit your needs for your group’s training.


  • Introduction to ABL Field Examinations
  • Getting started in ABL, this course is taught at your sight only
  • Intermediate / Advanced ABL Auditing
  • Sweet course for asset-based lending analysis and auditing
  • Using AssetWriter Field Examination Software
  • For licensed AssetWriter users
  • Data Analysis Techniques for Auditors
  • The state-of-the-art asset-based lending audit course
  • ABL Monitoring Guide
  • An account officer's guide to field exams and back office reporting
  • Cash Flow Analysis for Asset Based Loans
  • Computer model for ABL cash flow - Taught at your site only

Customer Service Training
Who said customer service is dead? Who said customer service is not one of your needs? Who cares or who is watching?

Your customers care, and they are watching! They are waiting for the perfect time to leave for a competitor that can deliver the type of customer service they need. Our professionals are charged to deliver an honest-highest-customer service, and therefore, our professionals’ arsenal is full of great experiences, and genuine interest to improve your business. With that in mind, we train and bring out the best out of your personnel. This always results in better employees, better business production, and happy customers.

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HISP Training
There is a significant shortage of skilled information security, audit and compliance personnel, forcing organizations to employ consultants, which often increases information security and compliance costs. To address this shortage, our alliances developed a comprehensive 5-day Holistic Information Security Practitioner (HISP) training and certification course to impart to attendees the essential knowledge for information security, audit and compliance. Topics covered in the certification course include:

  • Traditional collateral field examinations
  • Consumer finance field examinations
  • Premium finance field examinations
  • ISO 27001,
  • CobiT,
  • COSO,
  • ITIL and the methodology to map regulations to the internationally accepted ISO 27001 framework.
Our public classes have been promoted by Metro Atlanta and Columbus, Ohio chapters of ISSA, ISACA and IIA. We also organize executive briefings and Webinars to educate executive management on their compliance liabilities and risks.

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Information Security Awareness Training
Are your employees pasting their password on their monitors?
Let us help you to educate them using our methodology, which teaches from a win-win stand point. We will educate on them leveraging how it benefits them and your business together-Win-Win!

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We offer any of the above at your location, or we will customize a program to your specific needs! Email:

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