Our Services - Litigation Support

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Our litigation support services include auditing claims, preparing for depositions, and serving as expert witnesses. And if contracts are terminated, we can help maximize recovery of allowable costs. This practice evolved as a natural growth area based on our successes in other practice focus areas. Expertise gained through a variety of audit and consulting experiences leads inevitably to the requests to apply this expert knowledge in litigation and dispute resolution areas.

For our CPAs, HISPs, CISAs, CISMs and CISSPs, there is no greater challenge than being asked to apply their technical knowledge in an adversarial proceeding where your dollars are at stake.

Litigation support services are challenging for several reasons. Many professionals shy away from involvement in dispute resolution, because of the stress and pressure that inevitably results. We thrive on that stress and pressure, and we take great satisfaction in assisting triers-of-fact to arrive at equitable solutions of complex disputes.

We can serve on subject matters like:

  • contract audit issues,
  • FARs interpretations and,
  • FASB interpretations,
  • construction claims,
  • bid protests,
  • interpretations of generally accepted accounting principles,
  • audit quality,
  • complex cost accounting issues,
  • federal agency accounting issues,
  • and a variety of damage calculation matters.

Being qualified to testify as an expert in a judicial proceeding is a level of achievement that very few professionals ever reach. We take justifiable pride in our opportunity to serve in this cutting-edge discipline.

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