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Complying with accounting standards, cost principles, FAR provisions, and numerous other "fine print" contract requirements can be overwhelming and costly. But failing to comply can cost even more. Let Ladlas Prince review your contract to reveal compliance problems and offer corrective measures to prevent you from having problems later in the contract cycle. As auditors, we have a thorough understanding of the audit process that can save you substantial resources and anxiety. We can help you prepare for any audit, explain information requests, and help you determine how to comply in general.

Difficult issues arise in contemplating a bid protest, an audit appeal, or when facing contract termination. We can help you weigh your options, research precedents, and explain relevant procedures. The following include other services that we consult on:

  • Employee Benefits Consulting
  • Enterprise Risks Management (ERM) Services

We’ll help you to develop effective approaches to managing your risk, at a competitive cost. Providing ERM services is part of our core business; as such, we’ve made the investments in methodologies, technology, knowledge and resources. We also provide a suite of strategic, outsourcing, and industry-focused operational services to assist your company on a global level to evaluate and enhance you internal audit and risk management functions. Like the following:

Reconciliations: we know the difficulties that organizations face, like, inconsistent interfaces, inadequate system design, internal control gaps, and we understand the reconciliation differences caused by these problems. We can help resolve these differences and develop custom solutions to resolve these issues.

Audit Resolution: as a result of auditor demands and findings spanning all areas of organizations’ operations, our clients find themselves addressing extremely complex accounting issues. We can help meet those exhaustive challenges by developing, implementing, and executing solutions.

Internal Control Reviews: internal controls are the backbone that supports an organization's ability to properly account for assets, accurately record business transactions, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Ladlas Prince offers you over 14 years of internal control review experience including:

  • Financial Support (including Consumer Lending -Management)
  • Asset Based Lending -Management
  • Lenders seminars
  • Training borrowers to correctly assess borrowing and calculate ineligibles
  • Operations Improvements like the following:

Business Process Reviews: the path to successful business operations starts by understanding the terrain, identifying possible pitfalls, and, more importantly, knowing the desired outcomes. We can review your complex financial operations, identify weaknesses, and determine the appropriate corrective actions. Our resolutions will provide a cost-effective means for bridging the gaps in any financial process.

Data Analysis: financial data are sometimes voluminous and often comprised of complex accounting transactions. Our data analysts will help your organization identify fraudulent activity, invalid accounting models, evidence for litigation support, accounting estimates, subsidy rates, and cost rates.

Policies and Procedures: many organizations have challenges in their ability to have or maintain policies and procedures on their business processes in general. Today’s Global-village has added more complexity to this with Information Technologies. Organizations already face high turnover rates that accompany the IT industry. With these problems looming, well-documented policies and procedures are a must for any good organization. We are experienced, and we understand the importance of clear, concise policies and procedures covering all aspects of your business operations without leaving out the Information Technology area.

  • Organizational Development & Personnel Assessment Increasing the focus on how management measures and monitors performance relative to their objectives and tolerances.
  • Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Strategy & Global Services
  • Technologies, Security & Solutions
  • Information Technologies (infrastructures)
  • Business Information Systems

Verification & Validation (V&V): today's robust businesses’ deliverables are comprised of mountains of specifications and requirements. Ladlas Prince consistently meets the challenges of performing V&V. We use industry's best practices as our benchmark, verifying that requirements are met for each initiative and validating completion of all deliverables.

Information Management Systems

System Development:

  • Is your organization facing accelerated due dates?
  • Facing requirements for tracking and reporting improvement?
  • Facing high demands from the stakeholders/public?
  • Facing reductions in staffs?
  • Or a laundry list of audit citations/items?

Ladlas Prince understands the problems that many organizations face with their systems development and has developed resources to address these concerns. Our solutions are user-friendly, and we provide full customer support online and on site. All of our experienced consultants have related accreditations like that of the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) Implementation
Information Security should be taken seriously and should not be shrouded in mystery. Information Security should be considered a business or organizational issue. It should be considered part of the business model and given a solid attention, no matter how large or small an organization may be. ISMS can be described as a systematic approach to managing the security of sensitive information - encompassing people, processes, IT systems and policies. Very often, organizations that valued their information security adopt people, process and technology because it is the "right thing to do." Our Information Security Consulting service addresses the growing need for organizations to understand and manage security at a higher level and "talking techie" where appropriate. Ladlas Prince works with clients to educate and help them in making informed decisions; offers advice at the higher level, helping the decision-makers set their strategy. Our objective is to assist our clients by giving them the tools and knowledge to secure their information assets & systems.

Included in what we offer in Information Security are the following:

  • Information Security Policies and Procedures
  • Information Asset Identification, Classification, Inventory & Control
  • Personnel, Physical & Environmental security
  • Business Continuity Program & Services
  • Communication & Operational
  • Access Control / Management
  • Security in systems development & maintenance

Security Reviews: today's information super-highway has allowed organizations to provide more efficient and reliable services to their customers and broaden the capabilities of their business infrastructures. Along with these blessing, organizations face new risks and challenges. Our clients meet the high standards of gearing up to comply with different compliances like SOX, and Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) regulation. Our services include assessing a wide range of operating systems, database management systems, and applications.

Note: we strongly advise against, a same firm provision of implementation & audit services to the same client (this negates independence, and cloud vulnerability gaps). Therefore, if others have done implementation for you, let us do the auditing of those implementations; refer to our audit section.

Security Solutions: As one of our alliances rightly put it, “by some estimates, financial services organizations manage more than 900 million accounts in the US alone. Unless properly protected, attacks to steal digital identities associated with these accounts represent a significant reputation and compliance risk to the financial institutions.”

As we all know, Financial Services is one of the leading industries to leverage web technology both from the intranet & internet stand point. Our Truly-U package contains our product plus our partners’ products, which makes it unique that it is being used by securities firm, credit unions, banks, and other organizations in preventing fraud, protecting privacy and supporting regulatory compliance. More importantly, the package fits many industries (Financial, Healthcare, Government, Education, and many more servicing and manufacturing environments). Our Truly-U solution package offers these organizations many advantages over the competition, including the capability to handle the requirements of the FFIEC regulations and the new Red Flag rules by providing unmatched fraud prevention and user convenience. The package provides an awesome solution that includes multifactor authentication, risk assessment, and reporting all in one product.

For example; for a financial service organization; the package can be put to work preventing fraud at different platform including:

  • Back-Office; it has the unique ability to detect password sharing
  • Brokerage; it has the unique ability to verify users
  • Banking; it is easy to install and manage
  • Independent agent; it is a software with the ability to deploy at the server level
  • Integration; it has easy integration with SSL, VPN appliances

We can perform an on-line/on-site "Demonstration", and we will deploy onsite and provide customized service and support. This work will be done at a competitive rate.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Compliance (cancels and replaces ISO/IEC 27001:2005 ); is an international standard, setting out adequate requirements for Information Security Management System (ISMS). Application of this international standard ensures Information Security at best and a framework to assist organizations in identifying, managing & reducing the range of threats to their information assets.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Compliance helps to identify, manage and reduce the range of threats to which information is regularly subjected. It provides organizations with the assurance and satisfaction of knowing that they are protecting their information using controls in common use by well-managed businesses and is an excellent framework for developing or enhancing their organization’s security. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Compliance provides many benefits not always obvious to organizations. it:

  • Provides a framework for resolving security issues
  • Enhances client confidence and perception of your organization
  • Enhances business partners’ confidence & perception of your organization
  • Confidence that you have minimized risk in your own security implementation
  • Enhances security awareness within an organization
  • Assists in the development of best practice

These benefits apply to all sizes of organization, and not only to large enterprises as is sometimes perceived. Ladlas Prince has expertise in the standard and can assist organizations that want to adopt or need help with compliance in order to enhance their Information Security strategy and implementation. We can also assist you to prepare for certification. For more certification info, send us an email: info@ladlasprince.com

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