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Continuos Monitoring & Audit

Information Systems

Financial services we offer, includes the use of multiple products in providing General accounting services, Enterprise Risk service, Reconciliations, Audit Resolution, Internal Control Reviews, Financial Support, Asset Based Lending, Policies and Procedures, Operations Improvement, Restructuring & Turnaround, Strategy & Global Services. Not to leave out general Audit.
Simplify the management of your PCs with Windows Intune, a cloud-based service that makes sure your computers are delivering great performance to your staff. It is our passion, we love it, we rejoice in it (the opportunity to improve your business), and with that joy, is how we audit everything; ABL,BPA, Internal Audit, Compliance & ERM, V&V audit, SASs, Technology & Security
In here, we consult and/or audit for Business Information System, Management Information Systems, Information Technologies (core/infrastructural management), and conduct trainings.



Cloud Solutions

Get the power to uncover new sales possibilities and avoid the hassle of new IT or time-consuming administration. For our SMBs, Microsoft Office 365 meets all their small-business needs and allows them to connect from anywhere with web-enabled apps and tools.
In addition to all the applicable services mentioned in our commercial/
corporate sections, we
offer the following for government entities and programs: leveraging our products, you can achieve your Financial Statements, Certification and Accreditation, Policies and Procedures in a more robust way

With cloud services you can increase the business value of your IT through ground-breaking innovation. By migrating to cloud technologies you can provide anytime, anywhere access to workers to boost their productivity.

Education or Enterprise

Health and Life Sciences


"All rights reserved. Ladlas Prince refers to the network of professional firms under the umbrella of Ladlas Prince LLC, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity."
"Disclaimer: Ladlas Prince is management consulting company and not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. While some of our team have legal background and are licensed attorney(ies), they work solely in a management consulting capacity as this is advantageous for our compliance work. Our management consulting work or product(s) and communication are not covered by the attorney-client privilege; only a non-disclosure where agreed upon. Ladlas Prince will forward legal advisory request to independent attorneys and firms at your specific request. We do not provide any kind of legal advice, opinion, or recommendation."