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In addition to all the applicable services mentioned in our commercial/corporate section, we offer the following for government entities and programs.

Financial Statement Presentation: Agencies face new obstacles and challenges every day in meeting the ever-changing demands of Congress, Office of Management & Budget (OMB), and Treasury. We understand how these radical changes impact an agency's ability to produce auditable financial statements. Our experienced team members will effectively and efficiently analyze your needs, assist you in overcoming these new hurdles, and provide you with both short and long term solutions.

Security Reviews: The information super-highway has allowed agencies to provide more efficient and reliable services to the public and broaden the capabilities of their internal infrastructures. Along with these blessings, agencies face new risks and challenges. Our clients meet the high standards of complying with GISRA, FISMA, NIST special publications, and OMB Circular A-130. Our services include assessing a wide range of operating systems, database management systems, and applications. All of our experienced auditors have the Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) or Manager (CISM) accreditation.

Certification and Accreditation: OMB and NIST have established guidelines related to critical and major applications. As a result, agencies must not only accurately identify those systems, but also provide certifications and accreditations on selected systems. Ladlas Prince can provide these services to your agencies across multiple platforms and operating systems. We will leverage our valuable audit experience to provide exceptional service in the constantly changing Information Technology world.

Policies and Procedures: the Federal Government has a potential crisis in its IT area. It already faces the high turnover rates that accompany the IT industry and soon will face critical staff reductions. With these problems looming, well-documented policies and procedures are a must. We are experienced, and we understand the importance of clear, concise policies and procedures covering all aspects of IT and other operations.

Other services we provide to government entities include Training, Recruiting, Researching Translation and other documentation services.

ISO 27001:2013 Certification: together with our alliance, we offer 6-week to 6-month preparation service for organizations seeking ISO/IEC 27001 certification, including:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Asset Classification
  • Gap Analysis / Certification Roadmap
  • Early Selection of Certification Body
  • Development of Scope i.e. Statement of Applicability
  • Regulatory Compliance Mapping
  • Integration of ISMS with COBIT, COSO, ITIL/ISO 20000 etc
  • Pre-Audit; Desktop review of Documentation, Control Objectives and Control Evidence
  • Post-Certification Support


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