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For many years, government entities and the public (tax payers) have suffered from and paid too much for ill-delivered Professional Strategy and Technical Services (solutions and audits) delivered by some professional organizations.  At Ladlas Prince, our purpose of existence is to eliminate that waste or pain, and introduce efficiencies via the deployment of our In-House Methodology.  Our Methodology, leverages “Accounting + Information Technologies + Information Security,” and protected by compliance and legal armor.  With this methodology, our clients will enjoy unbeatable cost savings, and unprecedented quality value of work.

The Professional Strategy and Technical Services market has remained relatively constant, until lately when the economy reached rock-bottom, creating demand for quality services at a reasonable rate.  Our Integrated Solutions and Audits translate to quality services at a reasonable rate.  Most of the current players in this market have separate groups that provide services on each of the components mentioned above, but not together.  This approach allows room for waste, and ineffectiveness. This is because the financial groups don’t know what the Information Technology groups are doing, nor do they have a clue the significance of the Information Security groups’ responsibilities, not to mention the Compliance & Legal groups’ role.  As a result, these groups’ products are neither synchronized, nor adequate at each level or aggregate, but unfortunately, their clients paid for Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO).  Ladlas Prince is well position to help you because our methodology allows us to provide Integrated Solutions and Audits at once.  All our resources understand “three services in one, surrounded by sheriffs” namely Compliance/Legal.

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"All rights reserved. Ladlas Prince refers to the network of professional firms under the umbrella of Ladlas Prince LLC, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity."
"Disclaimer: Ladlas Prince is management consulting company and not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. While some of our team have legal background and are licensed attorney(ies), they work solely in a management consulting capacity as this is advantageous for our compliance work. Our management consulting work or product(s) and communication are not covered by the attorney-client privilege; only a non-disclosure where agreed upon. Ladlas Prince will forward legal advisory request to independent attorneys and firms at your specific request. We do not provide any kind of legal advice, opinion, or recommendation."